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Introducing a New Kind of Network

Welcome to the Life Science Branding and Marketing Network! The place where life science professionals come together to discuss interesting topics, share intriguing news, find jobs, attend fun events and ultimately learn from one another about all things branding and marketing.

3 Reasons to Join

  • Build your local and global networks
  • Share your passion for branding and marketing
  • Learn while you connect

Think Local, Act Global

Keep your local network AND create new connections globallyBusiness isn’t just local anymore; it’s becoming transnational. While we don’t deny the value of focusing solely on building your local connections, it does seem to be the case that most life science networks only dwell on what’s going on in their own backyards as opposed to the world around them. There’s a whole world of professionals out there that share your interests and industry focus. Disregard them, and you miss opportunities. We strive to go beyond the backyard, by exposing our members to their branding and marketing peers abroad and by facilitating their cross-cultural connection through our “think local, act global” approach. As the LSBMN grows, our mission is the formation of local chapters across the globe, starting with Southern California. By joining our network, you gain all the benefits of having a “backyard network” (through your local chapter) and the opportunity to establish new connections on a global scale. It’s the best of both worlds.

A Network with Focus

Filling an industry void, with a focused network In case the name didn’t already give it away, we are all about branding and marketing here at LSBMN. In fact, the only thing we love more than life science branding and marketing is talking about it. Strategy, design concepts, market trends, product launches, innovative campaigns, social media – you name it, we cover it! As we grow this network together, we hope to see it become the prime hub of discussion for all things branding and marketing in life science. If you enjoy these topics even a speckle as much as we do… then this is the network for you.

The Learning Never Stops

Novel educational content to help enhance brand performance Rapid technology advancements are dramatically changing the way we connect with one another globally. Many companies have seen the potential this technology offers and have already found innovative ways to leverage its capabilities in branding and marketing. So far, few of them are life science companies. Whether they outright refuse to join the ride or simply don’t know how, the plain fact is this – most life science companies are losing ground on the innovative branding and marketing front. We understand uphill battle that comes with trying to justify major marketing changes to your team and want to help. To make your job easier, here at LSBMN we provide a novel “university” portal that you won’t find anywhere else. This section features a wide range of pragmatic educational content that covers all things branding and marketing for life science. Aimed at enhancing skillsets, improving knowledge and enabling brand performance optimization, you’ll soon see those uphill battles turn around in no time.

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If you are looking to build your professional network, love to talk branding and marketing and enjoy learning new things, look no further. The Life Science Branding and Marketing Network has you covered.

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