Is the Innovation Drought Over?

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According to new data from the US Food and Drug Administration, the decade-long drought of new drug innovation may be at an end.

While the report is officially set for release later today, Forbes’ Matthew Herper was able to provide readers of his blog, The Medicine Show, with a few interesting elements early this morning. For example, according to this new report, the FDA approved a total of 35 new medicines or drugs in fiscal 2012, matching last year’s record.

This makes 2012 the second straight year of consistent new drug approvals by the FDA. In light of recent concerns cited by those in industry, the fact that these numbers have held steady year-over-year is certainly a promising sign. Remember, it was only just four years ago when the total number of new approvals had reached their lowest levels in years with figures half of what we are seeing today.

Coupled with this week’s other notable information, do you think this really the start of a new era in pharma innovation? Share your thoughts with the LSBMN community on our LinkedIn Group page.

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