Takeda Adds Jobs in La Jolla

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With the recent acquisition of Envoy Therapeutics, Takeda Pharmaceuticals brings 20 biotech jobs to La Jolla, California – part of the San Diego biocluster.

Envoy will be acquired by Takeda America Holdings, a US subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd. For the time being, Envoy will continue to operate out of its offices in Jupiter, Florida. By March 2013, a majority of Envoy’s staff will be transferred to Takeda’s Research Pharmaceuticals Division in San Diego, California. According to the official press release from Takeda, these positions include scientific staff roles as well as management team positions.

Takeda Pharmaceutical is a global research-based company focused on the pharmaceutical industry. With the recent consolidation of their San Francisco and La Jolla operations, the La Jolla facility now acts as a base for the firm’s focuses on cancer, immunology and metabolic diseases. As the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, Takeda is also a global industry leader for pharmaceuticals.

For more information about the acquisition, please read the official press release from Takeda Pharmaceuticals or see this article from the San Diego Union Tribune.


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