Health Messaging in Hispanic Communities

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Cultur Health, a strategic Latino Health communications service of the vox collective and Cooney/Waters Group, has recently released the results of a new study that helps shed light on how healthcare decisions are managed within Hispanic communities.

In general, the study featured three key takeaways of which healthcare marketers should be made aware. First, the study concluded that Latinas between the ages of 25 and 35 now represent a significant target demographic for all healthcare marketers due to their increased decision-making power. The reason for this stems from the fact that close to 90% of the respondents in this age bracket stated they were insured through either a spouse or their employer. Second, it was learned that English – not Spanish – is the primary language through which this demographic prefers to learn about healthcare information. And finally, the study revealed that communities do indeed play a strong role in the healthcare decision making process. The results found that 64% of respondents named family and friends as the main influencers in their decision to purchase OTC health products over pharmacists and advertising which garnered 52% and 21% respectively.

To read more about the results of this study, please click here.

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