T21 is a Success for Sequenom

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Back in October 2011, Sequenom – a life sciences and genetic analysis solutions company based out of San Diego, California – announced that it would launch their MaterniT21 test for Down Syndrome. Following the announcement, some experts in the industry heralded the test as a potential game-changer for non-invasive testing. Now, roughly six months into the launch of the MaterniT21, it appears that those predictions are coming to fruition.

In the company’s first quarter earnings pre-announcment earlier this week, representatives from Sequenom announced that it was now on pace to exceed its own expectations regarding MaterniT21. Sequenom’s original plans estimated that approximately 25,000 MaterniT21 tests would be billed by the end of 2012, but the latest figures have shown such a high growth in the test’s adoption rate that the company has chosen to revise projections. According to the company’s April 16th press release, “more than 12,700 total tests… were accessioned during the first quarter of 2012,” 4,900 of which were for MaterniT21. At the current rate, this means Sequenom is on pace to bill roughly 30,000 MaterniT21 tests by year’s end. Due to the good news, the company saw fit to adjust their 2012 goals for MaterniT21, increasing their year-end billing goals from 25,000 tests to 40,000 tests.

For more details on the pre-announcment first quarter figures for 2012, please visit Sequenom’s official website for the press release. The press release can be found here.

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