Intendis Becomes Bayer

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It may have been five years in the making, but dermatology product maker Intendis, Inc., has now adopted the name Bayer HealthCare.

Intendis was first acquired and subsequently added to the Consumer Care Division of Bayer back in 2006.  According to Bill Griffing, the US President and General Manager for Bayer’s HealthCare Dermatology Unit, the name change is taking place in part to reflect how the company plans to move away from a product based approach and focus instead on delivering an overall value based service.  

At the time of this writing, when one attempts to visit the website for Intendis, Inc., viewers will see the following pop-up message:

The Bayer Group intends to clearly strengthen its family brand “Bayer”. The Bayer Cross is world famous and has a first-class reputation internationally. For this reason, we will no longer trade under the name of “Intendis”. From now on, we will be named the Dermatology unit in Bayer HealthCare. With the same dedication and long-term commitment to dermatology, we will continue to strive for offering you high class services and be among your preferred partners in dermatology.

To read the full press release on Intendis’ name change, please click here.

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