Illumina Unveils HiSeq 2500

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Today, at the JP Morgan 2012 Healthcare Conference, next generation sequencing leader Illumina unveiled a brand new device in the extension of their HiSeq product line, which is poised to significantly change the landscape of genomic research as we know it.

The device, dubbed the HiSeq 2500, represents a major evolution of Illumina’s HiSeq product line, and a huge leap forward for genomic sequencing in general.  Not only is it capable of sequencing the human genome in a day – a vast improvement over the ten days it took on the company’s previous system – but they claim that the HiSeq 2500 is capable of sequencing said genome for $1000.  As anyone who has followed the sequencing industry knows, this represents a major accomplishment as there has been some wavering doubt among pockets of the genomic research community who persistently refused to believe that the $1000 genome could ever truly be accomplished.  Now that dream looks to have finally become a reality.

At this time, there are conflicting reports concerning the cost of the device.  Some have stated the cost for the system will be $740,000, while other sources claim that no official pricing has been listed as of yet.  The company currently has plans to make the system available sometime in the second half of 2012.

For more details on the reveal of the HiSeq 2500, please click here.

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