From PGM to Proton

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Today, at the JP Morgan 2012 Healthcare Conference, Life Technologies unveiled their latest innovation in genomic sequencing technology, dubbed the Benchtop Ion Proton.

Developed by Ion Torrent, the innovative sequencing company which was acquired by Life Technologies back in late 2010, the Ion Proton is stated as being the successor to the company’s already successful and popular Personal Genome Machine, or PGM.  The new device, according to Life CEO Greg Lucier, will be able to complete a whole human genome sequence in only two hours, the advancement of which marks a vast improvement over the days or weeks it normally takes to do the same procedure.

Today’s announcement also marks the arrival of another major fork in the road for the continuing brand rivalry between the rising Life Technologies and current market leader Illumina.  While Illumina has long been the leader in the next generation sequencing space, Life Technologies and Ion Torrent gained a significant amount of traction last year with the release of their PGM when measured against Illumina’s MiSeq.  Bearing that in mind, it should surprise very few that the Ion Proton is just as competitively priced as the PGM was.  The Proton will reportedly cost an approximate $149,000, in addition to the $75,000 it will cost to purchase the server needed to run analysis on the system.   

To read more about Life Technologies and Ion Torrent’s new Ion Proton system, please click here

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