Agilent’s Acquisition Spree

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Agilent Technologies appears to be on a spending spree as of late.

In a mere matter of days, the well-respected measurement specialists of the life science industry announced that they would acquire not one… not two… but three new companies in bid to expand its global presence in the genomics instruments market. Those three companies are Halo Genomics, BioSystem Development and Accelicon Technologies. According to their press release, the deal to acquire Halo Genomics has already closed, while Agilent’s acquisition of the remaining two companies will become official sometime within the next 30 to 60 days.

To read more about the Halo Genomics and BioSystem Development acquisition, please click here to view the official press release from Agilent Technologies.

To read more about Agilent’s upcoming acquisition of Accelicon Technologies, please click here to view the official press release.

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