The Rebels of Pharma

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In a new gallery slideshow, Forbes has chosen to spotlight six individuals whom it has dubbed “The Pharma Rebels.”

You may be wondering what exactly qualifies these men as “rebellious”.  According to Forbes, each of these individuals – in one way or another – has challenged certain conventions held within the pharmaceutical industry.  In the case of Corey Goodman, one of the names mentioned on their list, he was hired by Pfizer to make the company’s drug r&d more like the biotech industry’s; however, Goodman eventually came to believe that only radical change – like cheaper drugs – could help innovate the pharma industry.

Some of the names featured in the list of six include Dr. Stephen Friend of Sage Bionetworks; William Chin, formerly of Eli Lilly; and of course, the man described above, Corey Goodman.

To read the stories of the “Six Pharma Rebels”, click here to visit the Forbes website.

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