San Diego Biotech In Decline?

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A new report from SignOnSan Diego ponders if the San Diego biotech industry is beginning to lose its edge.

Based on the Q3 figures being reported, San Diego’s biotech hub is starting to look like a shadow of its former self.  In the past, San Diego’s cluster would frequently rank among the top three metropolitan areas to generate significants amounts of venture capital funding for the biotech industry.  These days, however, San Diego’s Q3 numbers place the region in tenth place, way behind other significant US clusters like those in San Francisco (ranked first in Q3) and Boston (ranked third in Q3).

In order to course correct these declines, many organizations and firms operating in San Diego are expanding their efforts to build awareness around the various venture capital opportunities within the region.  BIOCOM, the largest regional life science association in the world, has been one of the more vocal players to has increased its efforts of holding more events where local companies and investors can learn about VC opportunities within San Diego’s biotech industry.

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